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NFL Football Scores with Women


NFL football scores with women as 46 million tune-in weekly to follow the games. Sharing activities that strengthen friendship is bringing greater happiness and harmony to many couples and families.

NFL Football Scores with Women
Football Scores with Women and Brings Families Closer

by Carson Abrir

With 46 million women tuning in weekly, NFL football scores as one of the most popular activities for family entertainment. As women have embraced the game with greater enthusiasm, teams, advertisers and the media are looking for new ways to extend the popularity.

Websites such as have taken off with reader polls, sports news, featured hotties (New England QB Tom Brady stars this week), and advertising aimed at: “A woman who likes sports. A woman who believes sports is not just a pastime but a way of life. The successful woman at the end of the bar who enjoys sports as much as any man – just with better shoes.”

The site is actively promoting tonight’s premier of Football Wives on VH1 (10:30/9:30c) with the promise of “a never-before-seen look into the glamorous, and dramatic, life of a professional football player’s spouse.”

Football Wives stars include:

  • Pilar Sanders, married to Deion Sanders, all-pro cornerback, retired
  • Amanda Davis married to Leonard Davis, guard, Dallas
  • Chanita Foster, wife of Offensive Lineman George Foster, 7-year veteran with Denver, Cleveland, Detroit
  • Brittany Pigrenet, girlfriend of David Buehler, kicker, Dallas
  • Dawn Neufeld, wife of Tight End Ryan Neufeld, 7-year veteran with Dallas, Jacksonville, Buffalo
  • Melani Ismail, married to Rocket Ismail, receiver, retired
  • Erin McBriar, married to Mat McBriar, punter, Dallas
  • Mercedes Nelson, ex-girlfriend of star Dallas football player

Watching and participating in sports is increasingly bringing couples and families closer together. For women searching for the 101 on football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, NASCAR or tennis, JerseyGirlSports offers an introduction to the object of each game and tips for actively following along. As for their leading name advertisers, they’re happy to let women know the car they should drive, shows to watch, and apparel to wear.

Beyond providing great entertainment and exercise for those families who play sports together,  NFL football’s big score with women bodes well for couple relationships according to leading-edge research on marriage education.

John Gottman, author of Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, says healthy, lasting relationships are based on increasing positive couple interactions. “Successful conflict resolution isn’t what makes marriages succeed,” Gottman writes. “The foundation of my approach is to strengthen the friendship that is at the heart of any marriage.”

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