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Kendrick Meek On Family, Faith and Fatherhood

Kendrick Meek Family
Kendrick Meek Family

FatherhoodChannel invited the leading candidates in Florida’s U.S. Senate race to share their views on fatherhood, family, and the values that inspire them.  Kendrick Meek, the four-term U.S. Congressman representing South Florida, a leader of the Congressional Black Caucus, and winner of the hard-fought Democratic primary to win the Party’s nomination, took time to candidly talk about what matters most.

Five Questions for U.S. Congressman Kendrick Meek

FatherhoodChannel: What would you like your children to say is the most memorable lesson they learned from you as their father?

Kendrick Meek: “I would like my children to say that their father always made time for them and taught them the importance of faith and family. I maintain a hectic travel schedule, but always make time for my children by helping them with their homework or taking them to their sports practices or music lessons.  Family is always the priority.”

FatherhoodChannel: What’s one lasting lesson you learned about life from your experience growing up in your family?

Kendrick Meek: “From my mother, I learned first-hand the value and importance of public service. My mother was a community college administrator who decided one day to get involved in her community and become a public servant. Witnessing all that she did for our community inspired me to enter public life.”

FatherhoodChannel: As an elected official, what do you see as the most important contribution you can make to families in America?

Kendrick Meek: “The most important contribution I can make is to help get our economy back on track by creating jobs. Too many families are suffering through this recession and, as an elected official, we must start by fighting for the middle class to give working parents the opportunities they need to provide for their families.”

FatherhoodChannel: As Florida’s next U.S. Senator, what’s one promise you can make to the state’s families that you are 100% certain you will fulfill during your first year in office?

Kendrick Meek: “As Florida’s senator, I would continue cutting taxes for working families, not the super wealthy. Already, over 7,000 Florida families have received a tax cut through the Recovery Act, and I intend to continue on this path.”

FatherhoodChannel: What are three ways the lives of the typical Florida family will be different five years from now as a result of your election to the U.S. Senate?

Kendrick Meek: “Florida families can expect that, as Florida’s senator, I will continue to fight for them. As a first step, I will work hard to end special tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, repeal the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, and protect Social Security. This will gives families the economic security they need to prosper.”

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