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Two and a Half Men’s Love Shack Lessons


When Alan’s girlfriend invited him to move in during last week’s episode of Two and a Half Men, he had plenty to think about. Of course, Charlie would love to get the bachelor pad all to himself. See what happens tonight when Alan and Lyndsey try to work it all out.

Two and a Half Men

Alan Questions When It’s Time To Move Out?

By Todd McFliker

In last week’s Two and a Half Men, “A Bottle of Wine and a Jackhammer,” Alan’s girlfriend, Lyndsey, thinks that after six months of dating, it’s time to move in together. Their teenage boys who are best friends with each other are opposed to the idea, worrying that living together could ruin their friendship.  Of course, Charlie loves the idea of turning his Malibu beach house back into a private bachelor pad.

“How do you get a guy to leave your house who doesn’t want to go?’ Charlie asks.  He quickly decides to give an indecisive Alan a push when he puts a talking parrot in Alan’s bedroom.  “Larry, Larry Bird” has been known to re-circumcise grown men, a fact designed to encourage Alan to make a hasty exit.  Charlie tries to add even more encouragement as he makes himself comfortable in the bathroom while Alan is busy taking a shower.  The boys are on his radar too, as he entices them with $500 up front and additional monthly installments for their help restoring his longed for life and home.  For the sake of their parents’ happiness, they agreed to the bribe.

But just as Charlie’s getting his locks changed, Alan bumps into an old friend, Melissa.  Right away, she and Alan head back to the “Love Shack,” leaving Charlie to realize his hope that Alan would stay away was too good to be true.

Tonight’s episode of Two and a Half Men, A Pudding-Filled Cactus,” focuses on Alan moving in with Lyndsey, and the couple’s communication in their intimate relationship.

Francisco Robledo has taught PAIRS relationship and marriage education classes to 5,000 couples and singles. “Honesty and commitment are vital building blocks for a healthy, lasting relationship,” Robledo says. What love lessons will Alan and Lyndsey offer in tonight’s episode? Tune-in to CBS at 9/8c to find out.

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  1. indeed in establishing a relationship what is needed is honesty, trust, and commitment.

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