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Rainforest Retreats Invite Couples for Passion, Play


Stephanie Gross and Carlos Romero shared a dream when they married four years ago. This summer, they’re inviting couples to Costa Rica’s rainforest region for a week of relaxation, adventure, and love lessons to help their dreams come true too.

Sarapiqui, Costa Rica
Couples are invited to renew and refresh their relationships in an environment of tranquility, focus and fun. It's like summer camp for grown-ups.


When Carlos Romero and Stephanie Gross married four years ago and began building their life in Costa Rica’s rainforest region, they dreamt of creating opportunities for other couples to celebrate love, passion, and play in one of the world’s most beautiful settings.

Stephanie Gross Carlos Romero
Carlos and Stephanie say their Couples Rainforest Retreats are designed to promote relationship renewal, connection, joy, and tranquility.

This summer, Romero, a native Costa Rican soccer and fitness professional, and Gross, an American educator with a Masters in Educational Leadership, will see their dream come true as they launch their Couples Rainforest Retreats at the Sueno Azul Resort.

“Our goal is to provide retreat participants with just the right balance of relaxation, fun, and meaningful interactive programs to be enriched and captivated within the embrace of Costa Rica’s natural beauty and each other,” said Stephanie Gross. “Couples deserve the opportunity to renew and refresh their relationships in an environment that invites tranquility, focus and fun.”

Earlier this year, the couple teamed-up with PAIRS Foundation, the premier, evidence-based relationship skills training program, to create an eight-day/seven-night adventure that integrates their passion for adventure, health and wellness into a vacation experience that deepens love, pleasure and happiness. The itinerary combines yoga, white water rafting, a chocolate tour and other activities that nourish mind and body with proven love lessons for confiding, understanding, negotiating, and creating more vibrant relationships.

PAIRS Foundation Trainers Lauren DelGandio and Francisco Robledo worked with the couples’ Costa Rica Tours and Retreats company to design an adventure that builds the best of couples education into a week-long itinerary to enliven the flames of love and passion long into the future.

For the first retreats, Robledo and his wife will travel to Costa Rica to guide Spanish-speaking couples through the relationship-building vacation from July 2-9; DelGandio and her husband will lead English-speaking adventurers from July 23-30.

“It will be a week of fun, adventure and relationship renewal in paradise,” DelGandio said.

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