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Yale Law School Library Goes Bow Wow


Yale law students can now check-out a dog from the school library. Educators are hoping a therapy dog will help the future lawyers increase happiness and emotional well-being.

Therapy Dogs
Yale's library is encouraging grad students to check-out a dog.

by Carson Abrir

Yale University is hoping Monty will keep stressed out law students from bowing out.

Monty is a dog.

He talks bow wow.

Law students can now check Monty out from the library for 30 minute respites.

It’s taken almost seventy years for therapy dogs to advance from helping wounded Soldiers to becoming an actual library resource.

Therapy dogs
Yale law students can now take a run or grab a quick meal with a therapy dog.

Corporal William Wynne’s Yorkshire Terrier, Smoky, began making hospital rounds during World War II.

Yale Law Librarian Blair Kauffman is hoping Monty will help the school’s stressed out future lawyers increase happiness and overall emotional well-being.

Although therapy dogs have been bringing affection and comfort to people in hospitals, retirement and nursing homes for many years, Yale is the first university known to allow students to check one out.

Golden Retrievers are particularly well known for their natural friendliness, calm demeanor, and gentle disposition.

Organizations like Therapy Dogs, Inc., Delta Society, and Dog Logic offer rigorous training and certification programs for therapy dogs.

Dog Logix also prepares therapy dogs for special activities, such as shopping, riding elevators, restaurant and hospital visits.

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