Shawntel Newton Still Has Plenty of Roses Ahead

Season 15 Bachelor Brad Womack didn't give Shawntel Newton a rose last night. While many are dying to spend time with the 24-year-old Chico, CA funeral director, Brad Womack decided love wasn't enough to make Shawntel Newton his bride.

“I don’t hold back a single bit from Shawntel. In a lot of ways, I want Shawntel to be my wife.”

~Brad Womack
The Bachelor

by Carson Abrir

People are dying to spend time with Shawntel Newton.

That didn’t get her a rose from Season 15 Bachelor Brad Womack last night.

Shawntel Newton
Shawntel Newton

Actually, it may be exactly the reason the lovely 24-year-old Chico, California woman whose beauty, brains and charm almost helped her outlast 30 other aspiring brides in her quest to be “the one” for Brad Womack is now off the show.

“I don’t hold back a single bit from Shawntel. In a lot of ways, I want Shawntel to be my wife,” Womack said not long before saying his final goodbye.

“She’s not timid, she’s not shy, and I have so much fun with this woman,” Womack said.

Shawntel Newton Family
Shawntel Newton and her family

With her Bachelor season over, Shawntel Newton is back to school and the family business, where she works as funeral director and embalmer at the Newton-Bracewell Chico Funeral Home that her dad started with a friend almost 20 years ago.

Viewers are speculating Shawntel’s dad wasn’t thrilled with the idea of his daughter leaving Chico to live in Austin, Texas if she and Brad married.

During dinner with Shawntel and Brad, her father talked about retiring soon and plans to leave the family business to his daughter.

Shawntel quickly shot back that she was falling in love with Brad and went into the show knowing she could end up moving to Texas.

The episode brought up many issues couples are smart to address early in a relationship.

Brad Womack
Brad Womack

Shawntel Newton and Brad Womack aren’t the first to realize feelings of love are a good foundation for considering a life together, but that shared dreams, values, and interests are the building blocks.

“Falling in love is the easy part,” I’ve heard more than once in marriage education classes along with reminders that the work of a lasting relationship is about my dreams for the future and a partner who will stand for and with me as we build a life together.

With just three women left, Brad Womack will have to decide if Ashley, Emily or Chantal gives him the best chance of creating a life in which he’ll find all the good things he ever wanted, get to keep the good things he has and most values (such as living in Austin), and with whom he’ll never have to again go through the things that have been painful and upsetting from his own past.

Hopefully, Ashley, Emily, Chantal and the people who love them are also thinking about the very real dreams that are important to them too.

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