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Month: September 2010

Season Premier of Two and a Half Men

Two and a Half Men Asks When Is Lying Okay?

In the premiere episode of Two and a Half Men, Alan is lying to Jake while preaching honesty. This week, he’ll face a tempting invitation.

Neil Young

Daddy is a Rock Star: Neil Young’s Big Red Button

The “Godfather of Grunge,” Neil Young has two children who suffer from cerebral palsy and a third fighting epilepsy. Being a creative genius, Young invented the Big Red Button, a device allowing his quadriplegic son to enjoy playing with an electric train set. Fans can see Neil Young perform live this week in Hollywood, Florida.

Tyra Banks Teen Pregnancy

Preventing Teen Pregnancy is a Family Affair

While host Tyra Banks lambastes a group of teen moms on today’s Tyra Show, parents and other significant adults also have a vital role to play preventing teen pregnancy.

Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom

Parenthood DVD: Mr. Mom’s Impressive Prescience

A recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau and findings from Esquire Magazine’s 2010 Survey of American Men offer hints that John Hughes’ enduring 1983 classic, Mr. Mom, may have been ahead of its time.

Morgan Freeman

Freeman Divorce Ends Another Famous Marriage

Three months after Al and Tipper Gore shocked friends and the public with news that they were ending their 40-year-marriage, Morgan Freeman and Myrna Colley-Lee finalized their divorce after nearly 30 years together. A recent Esquire report reveals far fewer 20-year-old men believe long-term monogamy is a reasonable expectation than their 50-year old counterparts. Are the divorces of famous celebrity couples having an impact?

Two and a Half Men

Parent TV: Two and a Half Men’s Season Premiere

Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer return to prime time Monday at 9/8c as Two and a Half Men kicks off its eighth season on CBS. The show delivers hilarious comedy and unique lessons on relationships, families and parenting as two bachelors look out for a teenage boy.

Maci Bookout

Teen Moms ‘Scared Straight’ Approach to Prevention

In the MTV hit series, Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell show the reality of Teen Moms in what could be called a ‘Scared Straight’ approach to preventing teen pregnancy.

Wedding Music

Wedding Music for the Party and the Marriage

Wedding music can make or break your big day’s ceremony and reception. The question for a couple is always choosing between a DJ and live talent for their wedding music. There is no right or wrong, as wedding music is always a matter of opinion, as well as money.

Jason Bonham

When Daddy is a Rock Star: John and Jason Bonham

From the little boy playing on his legendary father’s drum to filling his mighty shoes at the Zeppelin reunion tour in 2007, Jason Bonham certainly knows there are benefits when Daddy is a rock star. The powerful musician is currently touring the world with The Led Zeppelin Experience.

Modern Family Returns to ABC September 22nd

Modern Family Preps for Season Two

There’s a reason you’ve heard so much about the Emmy Award winning TV show, Modern Family. It is that funny. Poking fun at real-life situations for 30 minutes every week, get ready for the second season of the mocumentary that looks at the brighter side of family relationships.

David and Kate Ogg with Newborns

Australian Parents’ Touch Revives Lifeless Newborn

An Australian couple knows the power of a parent’s touch. After one of their twin newborns was pronounced dead, the pair embraced their son’s lifeless body, talking to him and calling his name. After two hours, he opened his eyes and began breathing.

Seth Eisenberg's Facebook Page

Facebook and the Tempting Illusion of Intimacy

For many, Facebook has become associated with intimacy – feeding a hunger for human connection among those who delight in the virtual façade of community, friendship, and perhaps even love from moments shared in a digital world in which time, geography, and the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional aspects of relationship seem to disappear.

Virginia Satir

Remembering the Genius and Vision of Virginia Satir

On the 22nd anniversary of her death, Virginia Satir’s life, legacy and genius continues to empower couples, families and communities across the globe to more fully embrace the miracle of each other.

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani

Death, Ridicule or Divorce? When it Comes to Adultery, Geography and Wealth are Factors

While Tiger Woods putts his way through the world golf circuit, Wayne Rooney becomes the butt of British jokes, and John Maronto faces the end of his teaching career, an Iranian mother of two faces death by stoning after being convicted of adultery. Beyond the betrayal of family, the price for affairs and adultery is deeply influenced by wealth and geography.

Cantor Debbi Ballard

Secrets Weddings Reveal about Marriage Success

After the guests leave, the glitz and glimmer of these carefully-planned celebrity weddings quickly fades as their marriages begin. What do weddings reveal about how couples will do in their marriages?

Bob Weir

Daddy is a Rock Star: Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir

Being the son or daughter of a cultural icon can certainly have its positive and negative effects growing up. But how much does the entertainment industry interfere with a parent’s role? In today’s world, rock stars find new outlets to bond with their sons and daughters. This week’s “Daddy is a Rock Star” features Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir.

Bill Cosby’s Truths about Fatherhood and Family

Funny man Bill Cosby knows a thing or two about family and fatherhood. Moms, dads and their children will crack up from the comedian’s timeless tales about marriage and raising children. Ten years after the senseless murder of his eldest son, Bill Cosby combines his hilarious appreciation for the ironies of life with the wisdom of his years in a memorable commencement address to the graduating class of Carnegie Mellon.

Jessica Turnoff Ferrari and Sadie

The Intimate Journey of Home Births

A couple shares about the intimate journey of home birth while experts urge caution. Facing many decisions when expecting a child, couples are finding communication skills, empathy and emotional understanding key to working together and a lasting gift to their children.

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