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Tiger Woods Divorce and Shattered Dreams


Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren divorced today in Florida’s Bay County Court, joining a parade of celebrity couples who have discovered exceptional talent and resources cannot make up for broken promises and lacking skills. The lasting legacy for little Sam and Charlie Woods will depend on Tiger and Elin’s ability to make good on public pronouncements, maturity and commitment far different than the actions that led to their shattered dreams.

By Todd McFliker

Fast forward 20 years to Sam Woods as a 23-year-old young woman and little Charlie Woods approaching his 22nd birthday. Of all the events they will face over the approaching two decades of their young lives, the most impactful will likely be today’s announced divorce of their parents, Elin and Tiger Woods. Elin tellingly petitioned the Bay County Court to restore her maiden name, Nordegren.

Elin and Tiger Woods Divorce
Tiger Woods Divorce

While Sam and Charlie are likely to grow up with vast resources as a result of Tiger’s success on the golf course, the quality of their lives is much more likely to reflect Tiger and Elin’s parenting skills, emotional maturity, and ability to make good on their mutual, public pronouncements of abiding love for their children.

Exceptional athletic skills and net worth do not make two people great parents. In fact, couples with the greatest financial resources often have greater difficulty navigating the very real challenges of intimacy and family building.

“Couples facing crisis need the time and privacy to turn towards each other, learn from, and grow individually and as a family,” says Seth Eisenberg, president of the nonprofit PAIRS Foundation, an industry leader in marriage education.

From the moment the Woods’ marriage hit the rocks and national headlines, the family has struggled to find time beyond the glare of global paparazzi and pundits. While Tiger reportedly disappeared for nearly two months of intensive treatment for sex addiction, today’s divorce filing suggests the program was either too little or too late to save the foundation of his children’s lives.

Ironically, perhaps tragically, many of the same qualities that propel athletes, politicians, and others to stardom can become the Achilles’ heal that destroys much more sought after aspirations.

“At the heart of many superstars is the underlying belief that they’re not loveable or good enough – that somehow who they are is the reflection of their latest achievements. While that belief may inspire thousands of hours of practice, it can lead to terrible loneliness even when surrounded by adoring fans,” Eisenberg states. “An unhealthy addiction to validation, whether from sexploits, birdies, homeruns, or three-pointers, can become the foundation for profound suffering – both for the victim and those they most love.”

When children lose the foundation of their lives – the stability of their family – they have a tougher time succeeding in school and life, often winding up in trouble.

While Tiger and Elin’s thoughtfully crafted statements show meaningful, positive intentions towards Sam and Charlie, it will be their actions towards each other and their children over the months and years ahead that will speak loudest.

As many have said, the public destruction of Elin and Tiger Woods’ marriage is sad and tragic. It’s especially sad for their children that parents with such exceptional talents and resources couldn’t get the help that would have allowed them to preserve the foundation of their lives.

One thought on “Tiger Woods Divorce and Shattered Dreams
  1. Tiger Woods committed the ultimate betrayal, deception and humiliation against Elin Nordegren and their children. A wife does not get over such ordeal in a short period of time. I think that Elin Nordegren is a woman with class, dignity and self respect and she would have never stay with a man like Tiger Woods, whom she may not respect and trust anymore. Tiger Woods seems to be a troubled man with serious character and emotional issues that appears to be long standing. Elin seems to know that the emotional demands of staying married to Tiger Woods would have been very high and not worth it. Elin has a big responsibility to herself and her two small children. I commend Elin for her wise decision, for being a caring and loving mother and for her great courage, dignity and class during this horrid time in her life. I wish them all the best!!!

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