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Prevention strategies to reduce homelessness

Taking Aim at America’s Married and Homeless

The University of Virginia’s recent “Survey of Marital Generosity” shows the recession has brought economic hardship to half of all married Americans. Communities are responding with innovative strategies to help couples and families prevent homelessness.

Carrfour Supportive Housing PAIRS Class

Ted Williams Teaches America about Homelessness

Two weeks ago, Ted Williams, the man with the golden voice, was homeless and begging for change at the entrance to an Ohio freeway. Today, he has a job, home, and is teaching America about the very real challenges of homelessness.

Teen pregnancy

Toddler Only Witness to Murder of Teen Mom

The murder of 16-year-old Daniella Cooper last week reveals much about the challenges and tragedies that single, teen moms and their children face daily. The Census Bureau reports one in four American women who had a baby in 2008 were living in poverty. Statistics alone don’t begin to capture the struggles of their lives.

Jobs and Families Tougher for Unwed Parents

Within five years after the birth, a third of children born to unmarried parents see their father less than once a month, 55 percent of mothers have formed new relationships, and children are already showing problems in test performance and behavior, according to a new Brookings Institute report.

Groundbreaking for Barbara Carey Shuler Manor, June 18, 2010

Carrfour Breaks Ground on Shuler Manor Housing and Supportive Services Complex in Liberty City

Carrfour Supportive Housing broke ground today on the $28 million Barbara Carey Shuler Manor in Liberty City, one of Miami-Dade County’s most distressed neighborhoods. The community will provide 100 units of affordable housing and supportive services when it opens next year, including case management, job training and placement, and innovative programs that have been effective preventing and reducing poverty.

Keeping young people safe during summer vacation

Studies show parents key to helping children avoid risky sexual activities during summer school recess

For many parents, families, and young people, the summer school recess is a time to unwind after a busy year of classes, assignments and tests. For many adolescents, it’s a period of increased pressures to engage in behaviors that can have a lifelong impact. As youngsters nationwide approach a break from school, parents have a vital role to play helping their children avoid risky sexual behaviors that can lead to teenage pregnancy, STDs, HIV/AIDS, abortion, and other consequences with lasting repercussions.

Amanda Falciglia

Relationship Skills Training Can Dramatically Improve Quality of Life for Millions of Families and Children

Relationship skills training founded on emotional literacy, empathy and bonding has the potential to dramatically improve the quality of life for millions of American couples, families, and children. PAIRS Foundation experience with diverse populations — from prisoner re-entry to individuals recovering from addictions, the formerly homeless, families struggling to overcome poverty, new immigrants, expectant parents, adoptive families, couples impacted by a spouse’s combat deployment, couples raising special needs children, couples considering separation or divorce, and others in all stages of relationship consistently demonstrates a lasting, positive impact of evidence-based relationship skills education.

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