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Marriage Education’s Roadmap for Relationships

This month, more than a hundred federally funded relationship and marriage education programs offered nationwide began their fifth, and possibly, final year. Evidence-based programs available across the country and online deliver powerful, practical skills that are making a lasting difference to many couples, families and their children.

Helping marriage educators bring healing, health and hope to California couples, families and youth

In a four-day PAIRS Essentials program sponsored by the California Healthy Marriage Coalition, participants shared, learned, and explored evidence-based approaches to strengthen marriages as a strategy for improving the well-being and health of children, families, and communities. With courage, empathy, and passion for strong marriages as the foundation for happiness and fulfillment, their collective efforts will impact communities and families for generations to come.

Study Shows Marriage Education Classes Benefit Couples Navigating Job Loss and Financial Stress

Studies show marriage education classes are providing significant benefits for low-income couples, many of whom have been impacted by job losses and financial stresses. With expectations that unemployment will remain elevated, programs that strengthen marriages are becoming increasingly important to helping couples keep families intact as they pursue training, job opportunities, and await economic recovery.