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Eddie Murphy Comedy Awards 2011

Eddie Murphy All Smiles at 2011 Comedy Awards

Eddie Murphy was all smiles at Comedy Central’s First Annual Comedy Awards. Tina Fey said she was thrilled comedians realized they could give awards to each other.

Motherhood DVDs for Family Entertainment

Children need their mothers. Growing up without a mother’s active, positive involvement, love and guidance can leave a lifetime of scars. This week, we review Hollywood’s comedic portrayals of Motherhood. Here’s a roundup of delightful motherhood DVDs for the whole family to enjoy.

Jerry Seinfeld’s The Marriage Ref Normalizes Relationship Differences

With weekly episodes beginning Thursday in Jay Leno’s previous 10:00pm time slot, The Marriage Ref’s celebrity panelists such as Madonna, Tina Fey, Eva Longoria Parker, and Larry David are sure to bring a valuable message to millions of couples: differences are a normal part of every relationship. Learning to deal with them with humor, empathy, respect and structure is a message that can make a difference for countless marriages and help couples become their own marriage refs.

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