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Waiting to begin.

We Wait too Long

August 28, 2015

We wait too long to do what must be done today, in a world which gives us only one day at a time, without any assurance of tomorrow.

Appreciations aren't meant to be kept secret.

Appreciations Go a Long Way to Strengthening Relationships

Couples and families who create a habit of appreciating each other tend to be happier, healthier and enjoy more fulfilling relationships.

How Couples Spice Up Sex with a Sense of Adventure

You don’t have to invite your lover to climb a tree to add a new dimension of excitement to your love making, but for many, making whoopee in the great outdoors is a big turn-on according to a survey of 891 adults.

Want to Know What Your Lover Wants after Sex? Ask!

Is your lover waiting for you to break out in song after love making? Not likely, according to a study of 891 adult men and women conducted by PAIRS Foundation, a longtime industry leader in marriage and relationship education.

Top Ten Ways Couples Get in the Mood for Passion

A PAIRS Foundation study offers interesting insights into how couples ignite the flames of passion that most often lead to love-making. Check out the top ten and create your own perfect love-making scenario.

Can Married at First Sight Lead to Happily Ever After?

Can married at first sight lead to lasting love and happiness? I’ve seen that it can, although there’s much more to it than what our eyes and heart experience.

100000 Facebook Fans

PAIRS Foundation Tops 100,000 Facebook Fans

More than 100,000 people are now connected to PAIRS Foundation on Facebook.


Kate Hudson Learned Parenthood from Famous Mom

For Kate Hudson, growing up with two movie stars as Mom and Dad had a marvelous effect on her career and taught her lifelong lessons about motherhood.

Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges Learned Joy of Acting from his Dad, Lloyd

From Tron to The Big Lebowski and Crazy Heart, Jeff Bridges has spent decades in Hollywood. He couldn’t have done it without the inspiration of his dad.

Couple watching sports

‘Giving Me a Massage,’ Tops List of Caring Behaviors

Money won’t buy you love, according to a recent survey. Giving a massage and weekends away topped the list of how couples increase their Love Bank balances. Going to the game together and expensive gifts were at the bottom.

Sofia with dad, Francis Ford Coppola, in 1994.

Sofia Coppola Tackles Fatherhood in Somewhere

Daughter to The Godfather’s Francis Ford Coppola, director Sofia Coppola examines the role of a father and his little girl in the film Somewhere.

Stella McCartney

Once Bullied, Stella McCartney Became Fashion Icon

Bullied as a kid, the daughter of Sir Paul and Linda McCartney has gone on to earn her place as one of the best in the world of fashion, and become a protective mother.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, 2013

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Make Children Top Priority

Hollywood superstars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are now making parenthood their number one priority, over their multimillion dollar careers.

better marriage

Relationship App Helping Us Build a Better Marriage

Married for five years, my wife and I have a good relationship. Yet, an online relationship skills App taught us how we can improve and build an even better marriage.

fathers and sons

Why men struggle with love and what to do about it

Many of our fathers knew very little about what it takes to sustain love and intimacy. Whether or not couples loved, or even liked each other, may not have been important.


Does your online match have long-term potential?

Find out if your online match has long-term potential in 60 days by seeing how you both do with 10 relationship-building exercises.

College station couple jailed

Texas couples’ hard, expensive lesson about intimacy leads to jail and bail

Romance and intimacy isn’t supposed to lead to jail, news coverage, bail money and a pending court appearance. But that’s exactly what happened to a College Station, Texas couple Friday.

relationship footprint

Study of ‘Relationship Footprints’ Shows Most American Couples are Happy with Each Other

A recent study found a deep ‘relationship footprint’ is the basis for marriages most American couples find satisfying.

NCL Pearl at Pier 66 in Seattle

Cruising earns its reputation during seven-day Alaska family vacation on NCL Pearl

A seven-day voyage aboard Norwegian Cruise LIne’s Pearl that took our family of five from Seattle through the stunning Alaskan glaciers to delightful Victoria, British Columbia made it easy to see why millions rate cruises as their favorite travel destination. A chance encounter adds a special lifetime memory.

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick

Is Your Marriage Strong Enough? Find Out.

How does your marriage score compared to these five famous couples? Discover six ingredients to lasting love and get your confidential marriage score for free this weekend.

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