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There is passion in my writing. Since I began covering rock concerts for Rag Magazine at the turn of the century, I have grown into a professional journalist. I’ve got to cover the best of the best, from Sir Paul and the Stones to Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. I make it a point to share my vivid experiences in the first-person. Working towards my Masters, I wrote a creative manuscript on social studies entitled All You Need Is Love to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, comparing Bono’s role as a social leader to John Lennon. The book was recently published and is currently for sale on Amazon and in retail stores. Now I merely hope to help others be better parents.

In 2009, I was married to the love of my life, Mary. The two of us are trying to start a family of our own. I just hope my Labrador and my Golden Retriever don’t get too jealous. When it comes to fatherhood, I believe that I have the world to offer. After all, love is all I need.

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