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Bon Jovi’s Transcending Message of Love

During the last two weeks of 2010, Fatherhood Channel looks back at our biggest stories of the year. #13: Bon Jovi’s new single, “What Do You Got,” continues Rock and Roll’s tradition of preaching messages of love that began with the Beatles. The inspiring lyrics are encouraging fans to pursue practical skills to sustain shared hopes for love, marriage, and family. (Originally published 8/31/2010.)

Hey Jude and the Enduring Legacy of John Lennon

This week would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday. John’s sons, Julian Lennon, who inspired Paul McCartney to write “Hey Jude,” Sean Lennon, widow Yoko Ono, and former wife Cynthia Lennon, recently came together in New York to celebrate one of the famous rock star’s most enduring legacies: the artistic expressions of his son.

Alicia Key’s Passion to Keep a Child Alive

Alicia Keys, the Grammy winning global sensation, was proud to show off signs of her advancing pregnancy at the Keep a Child Alive fundraiser in New York City recently. Married to rapper and producer Swizz Beatz, the artist’s passion for children led her to co-found the charity after seeing the devastating impact of the AIDS virus on Africa’s children. Keys says the most important contribution she can make to her future child is the example of her own life.

Freeman Divorce Ends Another Famous Marriage

Three months after Al and Tipper Gore shocked friends and the public with news that they were ending their 40-year-marriage, Morgan Freeman and Myrna Colley-Lee finalized their divorce after nearly 30 years together. A recent Esquire report reveals far fewer 20-year-old men believe long-term monogamy is a reasonable expectation than their 50-year old counterparts. Are the divorces of famous celebrity couples having an impact?

Modern Family Preps for Season Two

There’s a reason you’ve heard so much about the Emmy Award winning TV show, Modern Family. It is that funny. Poking fun at real-life situations for 30 minutes every week, get ready for the second season of the mocumentary that looks at the brighter side of family relationships.

Daddy is a Rock Star: Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir

Being the son or daughter of a cultural icon can certainly have its positive and negative effects growing up. But how much does the entertainment industry interfere with a parent’s role? In today’s world, rock stars find new outlets to bond with their sons and daughters. This week’s “Daddy is a Rock Star” features Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir.

Bill Cosby’s Truths about Fatherhood and Family

Funny man Bill Cosby knows a thing or two about family and fatherhood. Moms, dads and their children will crack up from the comedian’s timeless tales about marriage and raising children. Ten years after the senseless murder of his eldest son, Bill Cosby combines his hilarious appreciation for the ironies of life with the wisdom of his years in a memorable commencement address to the graduating class of Carnegie Mellon.