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Steven Steinberg covers technology for The Fatherhood Channel.

Will Your Apple Love You Back?

Technology built into Apple devices such as iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad can be a great boost to learning, entertainment, and productivity. It can also be a place to disappear from real-life, human interactions in favor of the seduction of the virtual world that emerges from limitless possibilities offered through thousands of apps and other downloads. Millions of people love their Apples. A deeper question is "Will your Apple love you back?"

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Teenagers prefer text to talk

Texting among teens has grown dramatically in the past 18 months with a record 88% of teen cell phone users now regularly using mobile devices to message friends and helping eliminate the digital divide. Many parents are lagging behind when it comes to staying connected with their teenagers through text messaging and other advanced cell phone features. A "next practice" from one of the world's leading relationship skills training programs encourages parents to build stronger relationships with their teenagers through an innovative, free iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad app.

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