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The Wild Kratts Phenomenon: Brothers Martin and Chris Kratt Inspire Children to Care About Wildlife

Martin Kratt

Martin Kratt greets a sold-out audience at Wild Kratts Live performance, Bob Carr Theater, Orlando, Florida, 2/14/2015.

Soon in its fourth season on PBS, Wild Kratts brothers Martin and Chris Kratt have turned their passion for animals into a phenomenon inspiring millions of youngsters to learn about, care, respect and protect wildlife.

Whether in animated or real life forms, the Kratt brothers are often a long way from the place they grew up: “a very exotic place, the wilds of suburban New Jersey,” Martin jokes.

After high school, Martin studied Zoology at Duke.

Chris, four years his brother’s junior, immersed himself in Biology at Carleton College.

After college, the Kratts began traveling the world, from Costa Rica to Peru and Madagascar, filming animals in their natural habitat.

At the time, they realized there were many wildlife shows for adults, but not for kids.

“When we were in college, after college, we started exploring the world. There were many documentaries for adults, but not for kids. Kids were more interested in animals than anyone else. When kids become interested in animals, they become adults who are always interested in animals,” Martin Kratt said.

Chris Kratt

Chris Kratt welcomes audience to Wild Kratts Live.

Adding animation to their global adventures and unique, often zany, storytelling that connects with the youngest viewers has fueled the meteoric rise in popularity of their PBS Wild Kratts series, today one of the most popular on public television among youngsters.

“One of the ways we look at the animals in Wild Kratts is what animals can do, their creature powers, their special abilities, and animation allows us to experience that,” Chris Kratt said.

“There’s always so much stuff animals do, but no matter how much time you live in the wild, you can’t film it all. With an animated series, we could show all those cool things animals do that we never had a chance to film,” Martin added.

Chris Kratt and Zachary Eisenberg

Chris Kratt backstage with a fan after a Wild Kratts Live performance.

While completing production of 26 new Wild Kratts episodes, Martin and Chris Kratt are traveling the U.S., bringing their family-friendly antics to sold-out venues of parents and youngsters who have come to idolize the Kratt brothers, develop a passion for the animals they feature, and scoop up the newest Wild Kratts dolls, power discs, and more.

Since January, Martin and Chris Kratt have brought their Wild Kratts Live performances to sold-out venues in New York, Kentucky, Georgia and Florida, with upcoming shows scheduled for Texas, Massachusetts, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, before final shows in Calgary set for May 21-23.

Learn more on the Kratt Brothers official website: or

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