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Month: October 2013

America's Marriage Problem

America’s Marriage Problem is Incompetence

America’s marriage problem isn’t race, income, academics, faith, or sexual orientation. It’s incompetence.


Kate Hudson Learned Parenthood from Famous Mom

For Kate Hudson, growing up with two movie stars as Mom and Dad had a marvelous effect on her career and taught her lifelong lessons about motherhood.


Learning to Head off Conflict and Power Struggles

Can three simple intersecting circles help a couple head off relationship power struggles, conflict, and build a better marriage?

Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges Learned Joy of Acting from his Dad, Lloyd

From Tron to The Big Lebowski and Crazy Heart, Jeff Bridges has spent decades in Hollywood. He couldn’t have done it without the inspiration of his dad.


Talking Tips Help Couple Create a Better Marriage

After 15 years, Amy and Craig both want a better marriage. PAIRS Foundation’s Talking Tips App helped them get past Craig’s procrastination and unkept promises.

Lou Reed

Lou Reed Lived and Died with a Broken Heart

Lou Reed, Godfather of Punk and a founder of The Velvet Underground, never outgrew the pain of his childhood. Reed died Sunday in Southampton, NY, leaving behind a rich and diverse legacy as unique as the man himself. He was 71.

Couple watching sports

‘Giving Me a Massage,’ Tops List of Caring Behaviors

Money won’t buy you love, according to a recent survey. Giving a massage and weekends away topped the list of how couples increase their Love Bank balances. Going to the game together and expensive gifts were at the bottom.

happy family on a picnic

Best Relationship Advice Ever: Express Appreciations

Two hundred examples of what real couples appreciate about each other and their relationships along with tips for times when you can’t find anything right to say.

Conor and Eric Clapton

Daddy is a Rock Star: How Eric Clapton’s Music Helped Him Cope After Young Son’s Tragic Death

The loss of a child can be devastating for any parent. After the death of his son, Iconic Eric Clapton relied on his music for coping with pain and healing his grief.

Sofia with dad, Francis Ford Coppola, in 1994.

Sofia Coppola Tackles Fatherhood in Somewhere

Daughter to The Godfather’s Francis Ford Coppola, director Sofia Coppola examines the role of a father and his little girl in the film Somewhere.

Robert Downey, Jr. and dad.

Dad Inspired Robert Downey Jr’s Career in Movies

The seeds for Robert Downey Jr.’s successful career as Hollywood’s most valuable actor were planted, nurtured and inspired by has father from childhood.

Charlie Sheen 2013

Turns Out Charlie Sheen is Living Inside Me

Guided by an innovative personal growth App, a journey into the self found Charlie Sheen making trouble and an opportunity for Viola and others to come to the rescue.

Ellen and Michael

Online Exercise Helps Couple Build Better Marriage

An online exercise helped Ellen to tell her husband what she was missing in their marriage by answering five questions. Opening the lines of communication made a difference.

Carrfour 20th Anniversary Proclamation

Florida’s Largest Supportive Housing Developer Marches on in 20 Year Fight to End Homelessness

Despite providing affordable homes to thousands since 1993, Florida’s largest developer of supportive housing says more resources are needed to meet the goal of ending homelessness.

Stella McCartney

Once Bullied, Stella McCartney Became Fashion Icon

Bullied as a kid, the daughter of Sir Paul and Linda McCartney has gone on to earn her place as one of the best in the world of fashion, and become a protective mother.

Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen

Late Night Host Jimmy Fallon is Loving Fatherhood

After a five year battle with infertility, Late Night host Jimmy Fallon is loving fatherhood.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, 2013

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Make Children Top Priority

Hollywood superstars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are now making parenthood their number one priority, over their multimillion dollar careers.

America's Got Talent performer

Parents Encourage Kids to Dream Big on “Got Talent”

With inspiration and encouragement from their parents, children around the world are seeing dreams come true on the primetime TV series, “Got Talent.”

better marriage

Relationship App Helping Us Build a Better Marriage

Married for five years, my wife and I have a good relationship. Yet, an online relationship skills App taught us how we can improve and build an even better marriage.

Wait for me in heaven

A Poem for Daddy: Wait for Me in Heaven

Stanley Wilcox, a 46-year-old Navy veteran with four children and a wife, died suddenly of a heart attack earlier this month. His 13-year-old daughter wrote this poem for her father’s funeral.

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