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Month: September 2013

fathers and sons

Why men struggle with love and what to do about it

Many of our fathers knew very little about what it takes to sustain love and intimacy. Whether or not couples loved, or even liked each other, may not have been important.


Does your online match have long-term potential?

Find out if your online match has long-term potential in 60 days by seeing how you both do with 10 relationship-building exercises.


Ten Rules for Avoiding Intimacy

If you want to avoid intimacy with another person, here are ten rules that are quite effective.

couple embrace

Can Facebook Help Us Give and Get More Hugs?

Relationship educators are increasingly turning to Facebook to help couples and singles learn to give and get more hugs through online skills building exercises.

PAIRS Relationship Building Apps

Relationship Apps for Conversations that Matter

PAIRS Relationship Apps are designed to guide you, from the privacy of your home or smartphone, to think about issues that are important to you and confide your thoughts, feelings and requests with the significant others who matter most.

PAIRS Relationship Apps

New Apps Aim to Help Relationships, Save Marriages

A longtime leader in marriage and relationship education is hoping web-based apps will help couples overcome privacy concerns to learn skills to strengthen their relationships and save marriages.

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