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Day: January 6, 2011

Bill Zeller

Bill Zeller’s Last Words: The Horror of Child Abuse

Bill Zeller, 27, took his life this week. The Princeton doctoral student left behind a letter sharing his personal story and experience with the horror of child abuse along with a request that his words be widely distributed.

Dan Marino Foundation Walk About Autism

British Medical Journal: Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s Research Linking Autism to Vaccines was a Fraud

Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s 1998 study linking autism to childhood vaccines was a deliberate fraud, says the editor of the British Medical Journal.

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Beats Out Bieber in People’s Choice

Selena Gomez may have been as surprised as anyone to beat out Justin Bieber, KeSha, Bruno Mars, and B.o.B. as Favorite Break-Out Artist at last night’s 2011 People’s Choice Awards.

Wendy Hirsh Weiner, Ed.D.

Children Deserve New Approach to Education

The ability to imagine, create, and inspire requires individuals who are balanced, have high self-esteem, able to problem solve, work independently and within teams, and utilize their unique strengths to find purpose in their careers, says guest columnist Dr. Wendy Hirsh Weiner, founder of the Conservatory Prep Senior High School in Davie, Florida.

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