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Missing ingredient in Ina Garten's Thanksgiving recipes

Missing Ingredient in Ina Garten’s Thanksgiving Recipes

True to form, Google brings Thanksgiving to life with mouth watering recipes literally dripping from it’s name.

Google turned to the Barefoot Contessa for six of Garten’s “simple yet delicious recipes,” to satisfy even the most demanding Thanksgiving guest.

While Garten’s Thanksgiving dinner recipes are sure to be a hit, the exclusive focus on food misses the mark for a holiday of family connection, celebration, and gratitude.

Best Recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner

PAIRS Foundation’s 2010 Thanksgiving Family Survival Guide includes Thanksgiving Day recipes such as the Daily Temperature Reading, Love Bank, Emotional Jug, and more to bring joy and peace to family gatherings.

After putting the turkey in the oven, the guide’s recipes for love and family may be just the right ingredient for a happy Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving Family Survival Guide

Daily Temperature Reading