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Month: August 2010

Jon Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi’s Transcending Message of Love

Bon Jovi’s new single, “What Do You Got,” continues Rock and Roll’s tradition of preaching messages of love that began with the Beatles. The inspiring lyrics are encouraging fans to pursue practical skills to sustain shared hopes for love, marriage, and family.

Parent Teacher Conference

Parent Teacher Partnership Vital for Child’s Success

A child’s success in school often hinges on the partnership parents form with teachers. Recent articles and a five-step communications tool, known as the Daily Temperature Reading, help parents and teachers work together and make the best use of Parent Teacher conferences.

Gail Saltz on Today Show

The Today Show’s Bad Advice for Couples in Crisis

On the Today Show, therapist Gail Saltz advises couples displaying typical signs of marital crisis to get divorced. Studies show that while traditional marriage therapy may not be the answer, brief educational programs built on emotional and social learning can prevent three out of four divorces.

Marriage problems

Newlyweds Learn to Work It Out in Marriage Class

In place of dirty looks, nasty names, and spiteful acts, newlyweds head for marriage class to learn to fight fair and discover they can work it out.

happily married

Education for ‘Happily Ever After’ Marriages

A study reveals shortcomings to some popular approaches to marriage education and insight into building blocks to help couples create marriages that thrive happily ever after.

Netanyahu, Obama and Abbas

Marriage Lessons for Mideast Peacemakers

As President Obama prepares to host Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for a White House Peace Summit this week, lessons from the trenches of marriage education and reconciliation offer a foundation for success.

Parental bonds lasting impact

Parents Learning to Become Their Own Coaches

Although there are life coaches for every need, couples are increasingly recognizing the importance of the bonds they form with children and turning to marriage education to learn to be their own best coaches and counselors.

City Island Stars Andy Garcia

City Island’s Fun Adventure Into Family Secrets

The Rizzo’s are keeping secrets from each other in City Island, a hilarious comedy starring Andy Garcia that’s now available on DVD. Watching the characters go through the four stages of relationship – illusion, disillusion, confusion and conclusion – offers fun entertainment, a chance to discover more about ourselves, and a new perspective on marriage, family and the secrets we keep.

John Travolta Family

John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s Love Lesson

John Travolta announced this week that he and Kelly Preston are expecting a son. After losing their son, Jett Travolta, 16, in 2009, the couple’s decision to bring another child into the world offers lessons from which many can learn.

Motherhood DVDs for Family Entertainment

Children need their mothers. Growing up without a mother’s active, positive involvement, love and guidance can leave a lifetime of scars. This week, we review Hollywood’s comedic portrayals of Motherhood. Here’s a roundup of delightful motherhood DVDs for the whole family to enjoy.

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas and the High Cost of Divorce

Ten years after their divorce, Michael Douglas and his ex-wife are back in court, a reminder of the high cost of divorce and encouragement to invest in family harmony.

Marriage and Family After Combat Deployment

At a conference sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, PAIRS CEO Seth Eisenberg shared lessons from the frontlines of the battle to help America’s returning warriors succeed in the mission to preserve and protect their marriages and families after combat deployment.

Shopping list

High Income Women Increasingly Choosing Divorce

Survey data from the U.S. Census Bureau reveals high income woman over 50 are increasingly getting divorced while their male counterparts are far more likely to stay married. Thousands of couples are turning to marriage education to learn skills to preserve their marriages and families.

PAIRS helps couples prevent divorce

Couples Learn to Fight Fair in Marriage Classes

With many wanting to head for their windows to scream, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore,” marriage education is helping couples learn safe ways to confide feelings such as anger, fear, and sadness on behalf of greater love and intimacy. Experts say learning to confide, rather than avoiding conflict, is key to healthy relationships. Marriage classes are helping thousands of couples learn to fight fair.

PAIRS Powergram Helps Families Avoid Power Struggles

Pressured Dual-Income Couples Discover Skills to Head Off Power Struggles, Strengthen Marriages

A new study examines challenges on dual-income families and the impact work schedules are having on marriages. Marriage education offers unique tools, such as the PAIRS Powergram, to help couples negotiate power and decision-making based on the unique values and aspirations of each family.

PAIRS Roadmap

Marriage Education: Learning Harmony

A newlywed reflects on lessons learned in a marriage education class, wondering if the tips he picked up could have saved his parents’ marriage, his sister’s, and what it means for his own relationship.

Elin and Tiger Woods Divorce

Tiger Woods Divorce and Shattered Dreams

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren divorced today in Florida’s Bay County Court, joining a parade of celebrity couples who have discovered exceptional talent and resources cannot make up for broken promises and lacking skills. The lasting legacy for little Sam and Charlie Woods will depend on Tiger and Elin’s ability to make good on public pronouncements, maturity and commitment far different than the actions that led to their shattered dreams.

Fatherhood DVDs for Family Entertainment

Children need their fathers. Growing up without their dads’ positive involvement, love and support can leave a lifetime of scars. This week, we review Hollywood’s portrayals of men’s courage to raise children. From baby-stealing couples to cowboys blowing up balloon animals and Robin Williams in drag, movies about being a dad certainly attract laughter. Here’s a roundup of inspiring fatherhood DVDs for the whole family to enjoy, along with some helpful information on the difference relationship and marriage education can make in the lives of dads and their children.

Helping End Estrangement

Training Helps Families End Estrangements

Vicki Rohring reconnected with her children 34 years after being told they had died. While Rohring’s story is unique, the instance of former loved ones becoming estranged is not. Marriage education classes include skills to help men and women of any age decide if ending estrangement is a welcome decision.

Helping Couples Improve Fertility

Couples Find New Ways to Improve Fertility

CNN’s Sanjay Gupta reports that stress hurts a woman’s chance of getting pregnant by decreasing fertility. In relationship and marriage education classes, couples are finding a unique prescription to improving fertility by reducing stress, anxiety and increasing relationship pleasure.

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