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Month: May 2010

Marriage education boosting careers and family life

Leading economists and psychologists agree that skills training is vital to strengthening America’s economic future. Increasing numbers of professionals are enrolling in relationship skills training classes – marriage education – to enhance their “emotional intelligence,” offering benefits for both family life and careers.

Helping marriages and families after combat deployment

Marriage Education Retreats Helping Veteran Couples Adjust to Family Life Post Deployment

Marriage education programs are becoming increasingly important to helping returning veterans strengthen family life after combat deployment. Veterans Administration and Pentagon officials are encouraging efforts to expand evidence-based programs nationwide. A training next month in San Diego will prepare Chaplains and behavioral health specialists from more than a dozen states to lead retreats for veteran couples throughout the country.

Marriage education helping children of baby boomers create new models for love, intimacy

For generations, marriage education came from our parents. We watched how they interacted with each other, how they navigated the challenges and chapters of their lives, and what marriage meant to them. Recent studies show that the children and grandchildren of the baby boomer generation have become increasingly cautious about their own decisions regarding marriage and family, striving to create models for their lives that may be vastly different than the examples they saw from their parents.

Searching for mom and me

Meeting my mother 25 years after adoption

A quarter century after a young California woman entrusted her infant daughter’s life to the care of a family she’d never met, that daughter traveled 2,689 miles in search of her earliest beginnings. That daughter is me.

Inspiring human potential at home and work

Just 45 percent of workers are satisfied with their jobs according to a recent national study by the Conference Board, the lowest number ever recorded. What can you do to make your office a great place to work? These five steps will help you get started.

Helping marriage educators bring healing, health and hope to California couples, families and youth

In a four-day PAIRS Essentials program sponsored by the California Healthy Marriage Coalition, participants shared, learned, and explored evidence-based approaches to strengthen marriages as a strategy for improving the well-being and health of children, families, and communities. With courage, empathy, and passion for strong marriages as the foundation for happiness and fulfillment, their collective efforts will impact communities and families for generations to come.

Financial stress on couples

Studies Reveal New Sex Trends and Challenges

ABC News reports Americans 45 and older are far more open to sex outside of marriage than they were 10 years ago, but they’re engaging in sex less often and with less satisfaction. Is it all downhill after 45 when it comes to fidelity, bonding, and sexual satisfaction? A study on the impact of marriage education offers hope.

Staying connected across the miles

Along with hours in skills training to prepare for new careers, couples separated as a result of employment changes are increasingly turning to the Internet for help sustaining long-distance relationships. Marriage educators are embracing technology to bring evidence-based skills training online.

Will Your Apple Love You Back?

Technology built into Apple devices such as iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad can be a great boost to learning, entertainment, and productivity. It can also be a place to disappear from real-life, human interactions in favor of the seduction of the virtual world that emerges from limitless possibilities offered through thousands of apps and other downloads. Millions of people love their Apples. A deeper question is “Will your Apple love you back?”

Why Couples Sabotage Love and Marriage

“Why do so many people express a desire for a loving, healthy relationship, but then engage in behaviors that are sure to prevent from happening the very thing that is desired,” Dr. John Buri asks in this month’s Psychology Today. Experience with thousands of couples in every conceivable stage of relationship invites an answer.

Helping marriages and families after combat deployment

Helping Children Cope with the Impact of War

A study reveals children from military families impacted by deployment are experiencing above-average levels of emotional and behavioral difficulties. New programs are teaching couples to understand emotions, confide, deepen empathy, strengthen attachment and bonding as the foundation for helping children and preserving marriages.

Working it out together

Study Shows Marriage Education Classes Benefit Couples Navigating Job Loss and Financial Stress

Studies show marriage education classes are providing significant benefits for low-income couples, many of whom have been impacted by job losses and financial stresses. With expectations that unemployment will remain elevated, programs that strengthen marriages are becoming increasingly important to helping couples keep families intact as they pursue training, job opportunities, and await economic recovery.

CHMC President Dennis Stoica

Nonprofits team up for California marriages

With California facing a continued fiscal emergency and budget cuts reducing vital services to children, immigrants, prisoners, schools and others, two of the nation’s leading marriage education proponents are teaming up to strengthen families and neighborhoods.

national day to prevent teen pregnancy

Talking with Teens About Sex and Pregnancy

A recent study found that nearly 50 percent of teens have never considered how a pregnancy would affect their lives. Research shows that youngsters who have strong, healthy relationships with parents and peers are less likely to engage in risky behaviors. Consider these tips to starting talking with teens about sex and pregnancy.

Millennials' Priorities

Is it possible to affair proof a marriage?

Is it possible to affair proof a marriage? Has the idea of lasting love within a monogamous, committed relationship gone the way of the vinyl record? A leading marriage education program says there’s hope and offers a road map for love and intimacy.

Times Square terror attack

Lance Orton: See something, say something

Lance Orton, a Times Square T-Shirt Vendor and Vietnam veteran, helped save lives by alerting police to smoke fuming from the back of an S.U.V. Saturday. From Times Square to classrooms and neighborhoods across the globe, the role of bystanders has become increasingly important.

David Letterman with Regis Philbin

David Letterman’s efforts to save marriage after infidelity reflects growing national trend

David Letterman told Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa he is working to create a better marriage following public revelations of infidelity. While research shows increasing rates of infidelity among both men and women, marriage educators report more couples are succeeding in rebuilding trust and intimacy.

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