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Month: March 2010

Kendrick and Leslie Meek: Power of Partnership

Congressman Kendrick Meek demonstrates the power of technology and partnership to connect with constituents. Reprinted from Redefining Relationships.

PAIRS Study on African Americans in Marriage Education

Skills training boosts African American marriages

Black couples showed significant boosts in relationship quality six months after completing a nine-hour marriage education course.

Five steps and strategies for dealing with bullying

Strategies and tips for people living, learning, playing, or working with a bully.

Francisco and Viviana Robledo

How to know if you have a healthy marriage

What’s working well in your marriage? These tips from the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center can help you take the pulse of your relationship and consider opportunities to take your marriage to another level.

Sex life improves after marriage classes

Women more satisfied with sex lives after marriage classes

Sexual satisfaction improved for 85 percent of women participating in the nine-hour PAIRS Essentials relationship skills curriculum, according to a six-month follow-up study. The educational program included exercises to improve communication, emotional understanding and expression, and constructive conflict resolution skills.

Jerry Seinfeld’s The Marriage Ref Normalizes Relationship Differences

With weekly episodes beginning Thursday in Jay Leno’s previous 10:00pm time slot, The Marriage Ref’s celebrity panelists such as Madonna, Tina Fey, Eva Longoria Parker, and Larry David are sure to bring a valuable message to millions of couples: differences are a normal part of every relationship. Learning to deal with them with humor, empathy, respect and structure is a message that can make a difference for countless marriages and help couples become their own marriage refs.

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