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Month: January 2010

Family Harmony

With sour economy, men are investing more in family harmony

A sour economy, soaring healthcare costs, and difficult job market is leading increasing numbers of men to marriage education classes for tips and tools to bring greater harmony to their families, improve relationships with spouses and children, and strengthen their ability to weather financial challenges.

Sanford Rosenthal teaches PAIRS class

Life Lessons from the Developmentally Disabled

Nearly 50 million Americans live with a disability. For many within this community, the challenges of sustaining relationships can be life and death matters.

Happy Family

Vital resources to reducing teen pregnancy

While there is no one size fits all approach to reducing teen pregnancy, educational programs that focus on helping youngsters better express themselves through conversations with trusted confidants offer much promise. That’s especially so when confidants are parents and other significant adults who are able to model healthy relationship building skills.

Answering the Call

A marriage educator considers how his life might be different if his own parents had participated and reflects on the impact for children whose parents reach out for help. Redistributed from Seth Eisenberg’s blog, Redefining Relationships.

Research Report: PAIRS Relationship Skills Training Helps Men Succeed as Husbands and Fathers

Research demonstrates that PAIRS relationship skills training, a behavioral/cognitive educational approach developed, evaluated, and refined over a quarter century, has the potential to reverse the trend of marital and family breakdown and significantly contribute to strengthening families and improving outcomes for children.

Step Back from the Brink of Divorce

If any of these 12 statements sound familiar, discover how relationship skills training can help you step back from the brink of family breakdown and divorce to save your marriage and family: “I can never forgive you,” “I can’t talk to you,” “I just don’t love you anymore,” “I never really loved you,” “I’ll never be happy in this relationship,” I’m in love with someone else,” “I’m so angry at you,” “It’s too late,” “There’s no chemistry,” “You betrayed me,” “You’re not the person I married,” “You’ll never change.”

Marriage Education Research Should Inspire Couples to Pause Before Pursuing Divorce

Politicians are not the only ones calling it quits this month. In divorce filings nationwide, an estimated 100,000 American couples will throw in the towel on their marriages in January. While those decisions will not receive the attention of this week’s political announcements, for their children especially, the lifelong impact will be far more significant.

Morris and Lori Gordon

PAIRS history, mission and pathfinders

More than a quarter century ago, Lori Gordon, a Northern Virginia marriage and family therapist whose early career included extensive work with adolescents in residential treatment centers, realized that one of the most important contributions mental health professionals and educators could make to children was to help their parents’ own relationships. Mrs. Gordon developed the concept of relationship skills training into an educational approach that today ranks among the preeminent, evidence-based marriage education programs in the world, having evolved into a comprehensive model that attends to ethics, program evaluation, rigorous quality management, and ongoing training for leaders.

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