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James Foley at Marquette

Journalist Jim Foley Died Because He Loved Life

August 20, 2014 • News

Jim Foley died because he loved life. As a journalist, his father said Jim found his passion shining light on those suffering within the world’s darkest recesses.

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Obama’s Ferguson Visit Has to Begin with Listening

(0) Hear me buttton

Ferguson’s protesters are united in wanting to be heard; not counseled, consoled or seeing Michael Brown’s death continue as a daily backdrop for lawyers, politicians, pundits and others who began looting the community’s sorrow even faster than those who pillaged groceries, liquor and electronics.

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Getting Started with the Most Important Thing You Can Do for Your Relationship


The most important thing you can do for your relationships is looking for what’s right in the people closest to you and developing the habit of generously, sincerely, and specifically appreciating them. Here are 300 inspiring examples to help you get started.

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Veterans, Caregivers Learn to Be Healing to Each Other in Innovative Warrior to Soul Mate Programs

VA Chaplain Barbara Nollie Warrior to Soul Mate Retreat

Nearly 5.5 million Americans are caring for service members and Veterans, many of whom are impacted by post traumatic stress. The VA is expanding innovative efforts to help Veterans and their loved ones learn to be healing to each other through the Warrior to Soul Mate program.

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Hope for Overcoming Critical Shortage of Physicians Begins with Helping Children Believe in Themselves

Alex Eisenberg VCOM White Coat Ceremony

As 159 future doctors take their oath at the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, VCOM, Class of 2016 White Coat ceremony, a father reflects on the value of raising children to believe in themselves and their ability to fulfill the dreams, potential and promise of their lives.

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Like Norman Cooper III, Every Homeless Veteran Has a Name, Story and Dreams that Can Still Come True


Before he knew it, Norman Cooper III, a decorated Army Veteran, had lost it all. His career, money, marriage, and the family to which he’d long been devoted were gone in what must have seemed like a blurry nightmare as he became one of 100,000 homeless Veterans in America. Two years later, he’s reclaimed his life and dreams that have not been forgotten.

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Journalist Jim Foley Died Because He Loved Life

(0) James Foley at Marquette

Jim Foley died because he loved life. As a journalist, his father said Jim found his passion shining light on those suffering within the world’s darkest recesses.

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